The Prince, The Knight, And The Fool

30th August 2007: Chapter 15 added

General disclaimer: Daedalus and Julian Luna, Daniel Jackson, Sean Burns, and the guy with the cute nose are more or less familiar because – well, they’re supposed to be. They’re not ours; they belong to big companies who make lots of money with them, but lo! we don’t make any money using them, we just borrow them overnight and put them back nice and clean before dawn. Also, the concepts and different worlds that we use in this labor of love are borrowed, and we make no claim of ownership whatsoever. Please don't sue.

Dr. Callum McKay, though, is ours. Nay, he actually belongs to himself, and any familiarities with living persons are no coincidence. He is a real existing person (his name, profession and whereabouts being but slightly altered). Please watch, don’t touch.The same will be applied to Marcos and Evranos. Thank you. Macko & Elena

A Kindred: The Embraced/Highlander/Stargate SG-1 crossover story

Category: drama, hurt/comfort, slash, first time

Pairings: Daedalus/OMC, Daedalus/Julian

Time line: Kindred: The Embraced: Following “Romeo And Juliet” and taking a left turn into an AU; Highlander: any season; Stargate: SG-1: before the Pilot

Warnings: This story contains male/male sex, violence and sucking of blood and other bodily liquids. If this kind of thing offends you, don't read this story.

This story is also unfinished, but we're writing on it continuously. Feedback also helps *grins*.

Authors' Notes: We realize that, for this story to work, the events in Stargate:SG-1 have to take place about 20 years later than is actually the case.
The character of Callum McKay is especially dedicated to M. “Gromi” Schmidt, the best damn psychologist and grandmother I can think of.

Chapter 1 - Encounter

Chapter 2 - Sensations

Chapter 3 - Discourse

Chapter 4 - Convergence

Chapter 5 - Confessions

Chapter 6 - Revelation

Chapter 7 - Electrified

Chapter 8 - Search

Chapter 9 - First Movement

Chapter 10 - Sweet Home

Chapter 11 - Confusions

Chapter 12 - Battles

Chapter 13 - Protection

Chapter 14 - Second Movement


Chapter 15 - Changes

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Updated on 22-02-2006

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